the integrated solution for
thermal insulation of buildings


The thermal insulation system for pitched roofs

Isotec is a thermal insulation system for pitched roofs designed specifically to repair and recover roofs in old buildings or to create new roof coverings.

The correct installation is sped up by the lightness, easy manoeuvrability and workability of the panels which are laid in a sequence (from the gutter to the ridge of the flashing) to quickly form a loadbearing deck that is thermo-insulating, microventilated/ventilated and impervious to accidental infiltrations in the roof covering.

The installation of Isotec requires compliance with a few simple rules and the strict use of accessories, which are provided in the kit of the system. When installed correctly the roof is no longer a problem, and becomes a real source of living comfort and energy saving throughout the entire building.



isotec linea
1. The transverse ends of the panels are cut in a dovetail fashion to ensure continuity of the insulation.

2. The Isotec panel is shaped with opposing stiffeners that ensure it wedges snugly between the panels, eliminating the risk of thermal bridges.

3. The panel is made load-bearing by a steel stiffener with water-drip ribbing protected by an aluminium-zinc-silicon alloy, perforated, with a height of 30 mm for Isotec and 40 mm for Isotec XL.

4. The Isotec panel is made of self-extinguishing rigid polyurethane foam.

5. The Isotec panel is covered on both surfaces by embossed aluminium foil.


* Thickness available only for ISOTEC standard (30mm stiffener)



ISOTEC 60mm   ISOTEC 80mm
ISOTEC 100mm   ISOTEC 120mm


Thicknesses XL

ISOTEC XL 80mm   ISOTEC XL 100mm
ISOTEC XL 120mm   ISOTEC XL 160mm


ISOTEC XL plus, equipped with PVC gasket, further increases the under-tile waterproofing effect. The PVC gasket applied beforehand under the metal stiffener increases resistance to any accidental infiltrations if the roof covering should break and also provides an excellent seal against dust and air. It is also resistant against abrasion, corrosion and moisture; plus it has good resistance to acids and alkalis and excellent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays.