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thermal insulation of buildings
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  • Isotec - vantaggi
  • Isotec - vantaggi
  • Isotec - vantaggi
  • Isotec - vantaggi
  • Isotec - vantaggi
  • Isotec - vantaggi
  • Isotec - vantaggi


ISOTEC is a thermal insulation system made of high-performance polyurethane, designed to ensure high energy efficiency of buildings, guaranteeing excellent insulation and ventilation of the entire building envelope. The ISOTEC® range includes innovative solutions for the under-tile insulation of pitched roofs and for creating ventilated walls and facades. It is ideal for renovations and for new constructions.

tetto ventilato
Ventilated insulated roof 
  tetto non ventilato
Non-ventilated insulated roof
  parete ventilata
Ventilated insulated wall 
  parete non ventilata
Non-ventilated insulated wall


isotec parete black      
New Isotec Parete BlackInsulation and ventilation with improved fire reaction (class B-s2, d0).   Ventilated facade with traditional plaster finishToday it is possible thanks to the combination of Isotec Parete with the Elycem fiber cement slab. High tech retrofit and traditional aesthetics.   Isotec installation video
The installation of the ISOTEC system with complete overview of all the steps.
  Isotec Parete installation VideoExtreme flexibility and stages of application of the ventilated facade system in polyurethane.



Isotec Catalogue The ventilated roof solution: features, technical data, application stages and examples of installations.   Isotec Parete Catalogue Thermal insulation system in polyurethane for ventilated facades: features, technical data, application stages.   Isotec Linea Catalogue Non-ventilated roof and walls in polyurethane with stiffener for securing the covering: the ideal solution for metal and non-metal roofs and walls.   Isotec installation instructions All the installation details for creating a state-of-the-art ventilated roof.