the integrated solution for
thermal insulation of buildings


The thermal insulation system for
non-ventilated walls and roofs

ISOTEC LINEA is a structural insulation panel for non-ventilated walls and roofs. The panels create the ideal support structure for the easy application of metal, fibrocement and other non-ventilated finishes.
The panel consists of an insulation core in self-extinguishing rigid polyurethane foam covered by embossed aluminium sheet, made load bearing by a steel profile clad in aluminium, zinc and silicon alloy.

Isotec Linea

1. Steel stiffener covered in an aluminium, zinc and silicon alloy with fastening holes.


2. Self-extinguishing, rigid polyurethane foam.


3. Covered on both surfaces with embossed aluminium foil.


isotec linea
4. Dovetail (crosswise): insulation continuity.


isotec linea

5. Longitudinal batten: elimination of the risk of thermal bridges.