the integrated solution for
thermal insulation of buildings


Thermal insulation system for ventilated facades

Isotec Parete is a thermal insulation system that enables the dry installation of an insulating and structural jacket to create ventilated facades. Isotec Parete offers a new system for ventilated facades that uses a single technical solution to create a continuous and homogeneous outer jacket and support structure for the external cladding.  Furthermore, the load-bearing perforated stiffener forms a ventilated air chamber between the insulating panel and outer wall covering.

Isotec Parete

1. The Isotec Parete panel is shaped with opposing stiffeners that ensure it wedges between the panels, eliminating the risk of thermal bridges.


isotec linea
2. The ends of the panels are cut in a dovetail fashion to ensure continuity of the insulation.

3. The Isotec Parete panel is made of self-extinguishing rigid polyurethane foam.

4. Both surfaces of the Isotec panel are covered by embossed aluminium foil that makes it waterproof.

5. The Isotec Parete panel is made load bearing by a 4cm-high steel perforated stiffener which forms the ventilation chamber and the support structure of the facade cover.



Isotec Parete Spessori

Requirements on the tolerances expressed in accordance with UNI EN 13165:2015 (par. 4.2.2, 4.2.3).

PANEL THICKNESS 60 mm 80 - 100 - 120 - 160 mm
Thickness Class T2

± 3 mm

+ 5 ÷ -3 mm

Length (2500 mm)

± 10 mm

Width (variable depending on the covering)

± 5 mm