the integrated solution for
thermal insulation of buildings


Isotec Parete Certifications

• Type-examination certificate of EC marking – certification system 3 – issued by CSI SPA (UNI EN 13165, UNI EN 13172)

• Approval for fire prevention purposes “Italian Fire Reaction Class 0-2” issued by the Ministry of the Interior (M.D. 26/6/1984,  M.D. 03/09/2001)

• Technical Report for assessing the resistance to downward load “Isotec Parete 80mm + Aquapanel Outdoor 12.5 mm” issued by the Institute for CNR Construction Technologies (internal method)

• Technical resistance reaction to load in evenly distributed depression (ETAG034) issued by I.T.C.

• LEED® V4 mapping report issued by Quality Net® – Certification experts

• Test report of initial/aged thermal conductivity issued by CSI SPA (UNI EN 12667, UNI EN 13165)

• Report on the sound insulating power of “Isotec”  issued by CSI SPA (UNI EN ISO 140-3, UNI EN ISO 717-1)

• Test report of water vapour transmission issued by CSI SPA (UNI EN 12086)

• Test report of water absorption by long-term immersion issued by CSI SPA (UNI EN 12087)

• Test report of compression resistance issued by CSI SPA (UNI EN 826)

• Determination of the classification as non-hazardous waste.

Isotec Parete Black Certifications

• Report on fire reaction classification

• Certificate of performance constancy issued by CSI S.p.a. certification system 1 (UNI EN 13165, UNI EN 13172)